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Pizza Dough (GF/DF)

Pizza Dough (GF/DF)

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Caputo GF Flour (SAFE for Celiacs *see notes*), water, olive oil, yeast, sugar, salt.

About Caputo Fioreglut Gluten Free Flour:

Ingredients - Gluten-Free Wheat Starch, Dextrose, Maize Starch, Buckwheat Flour, Rice Starch, Psyllium Seed Fibre, Thickener: Guar; Flavoring.

Wheat allergy sufferers, please note this flour is not suitable for you, as it contains wheat starch. This is suitable for celiacs (as the gluten has been removed and it’s fully certified).

Gluten free wheat starch is a specially produced ingredient where the gluten has been removed to a trace level. 

See my blog post for more information on this.


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