About Us

Baker-Creator-Conscious Entrepreneur - Kim Pratt

Hi and welcome to Whisk & Spoon a gluten free home bakery based in Bermuda.

My name is Kim and I am the founder/creator of Whisk & Spoon.

In late 2019 Whisk & Spoon was birthed from my desire to broaden the reach of my baking creations.  Since then, and now managing celiac and auto immune issues, I have been mastering GF and DF recipes to bring fresh tasty baked goods to my community.

My goal is to have a conscious, sustainably minded business using, wholesome, organic and high-quality ingredients to bring you fresh (frozen) goodies that you can simply defrost or bake in the convenience of your own home whenever you feel like a treat. I aim to provide a service that will simplify the making/ creating thus freeing up your time.  Who doesn't enjoy a nice warm treat and desire more time in their day? 

The thing I love about baking is the creative outlet it provides for me.  So I'll be in my kitchen whisking up new recipes, as time allows, so I can continue to bring the best quality options to you. 

I value sustainability so I keep packaging minimal using sustainably sourced and biodegradable products. So if you notice that my packaging doesn't have all the pretty fluff this is the reason why.  

Finally I aim to provide you with the best customer experience from start to finish.  I continually look for opportunities to improve processes as Whisk & Spoon grows.  Questions are always welcome so please reach out and I'd be happy to discuss and see how I may be of service to you and your needs.  

Thank you for visiting my website and bakery store.  

Baked with Love
x Kim