Caputo Fioreglut (Gluten Free Flour)

Caputo Fioreglut (Gluten Free Flour)

I'd like to clear up a misconception about Caputo Fioreglut Gluten Free Flour which is a flour blend I am experimenting with a lot in my GF home baking.  And which my celiac son & mother have had no issue consuming.

What is Caputo Fioreglut?

It is a gluten-free flour blend made with top-quality selected gluten-free ingredients and imported from Mulino Caputo, in Napoli Italy.  Mulino Caputo is well known for their high quality Italian flour. 

You may recall my blog posts from my travels in Italy that the GF pizza's were to die for and that the communities are well aware of celiac disease and there are many fully certified celiac safe restaurants across Italy.

However, while this flour is gaining in popularity, it still tends to cause a stir in the celiac and gluten-free community. 

Ingredients - Gluten-Free Wheat Starch, Dextrose, Maize Starch, Buckwheat Flour, Rice Starch, Psyllium Seed Fibre, Thickener: Guar; Flavoring.

Wheat Starch!!!! (Alarm bells going off).  I'm celiac so I can't have wheat starch.

What is wheat starch?

Wheat allergy sufferers, please note this flour is not suitable for you, as it contains codex wheat starch. This is suitable for celiacs (as the gluten has been removed and it’s fully certified).

Gluten free wheat starch is a specially produced ingredient where the gluten has been removed to a trace level. 

If handled properly and validated, gluten-free wheat starch is considered safe to consume on a gluten-free diet, even for those with celiac disease. The resulting product can also be labeled gluten-free so long as it meets the FDA requirements for gluten, which is <20ppm. Caputo is tested below 4ppm and the Italian ministry of health has approved this flour as gluten free and approved the facility for production of gluten free products.

Wheat starch is used by some manufacturers to improve the quality and texture of gluten free products. It must always appear in the ingredients list if it has been used. Foods containing wheat starch that are labelled gluten free are suitable for all people with celiac disease. 

Feel free to do your own research but here are a couple of links:


Schar, a well-respected gluten-free brand, uses gluten-free wheat starch in some of their products and has been for years! 



I hope you find this helpful.


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